Enjoy our stylish and comfortable piercing retainers! offers you a wide choice of high quality retainers for all types of body piercing at the lowest prices available. Piercing retainers are worn in fresh piercings during surgical operations, definite medical tests and procedures as well as in everyday life. Some schools, colleges and higher education establishments don't allow students wearing piercing and to keep the piercing open and clean we use piercing retainers. Our retainers are made of hypoallergenic materials and are available in clear and colored form. In our collection you'll find piercing retainers in all gauge sizes and shapes. Take care of your piercing and be prepared for different situations beforehand!

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14k Gold Septum Retainer14k Gold Septum RetainerRetail Price: $39.55
Your Price: $35.00
Labret piercing retainer, 14 gaLabret piercing retainer, 14 gaRetail Price: $4.51
Your Price: $3.99
Flexible Eyebrow Piercing Retainer, 16 Ga Or 18 GaFlexible Eyebrow Piercing Retainer, 16 Ga Or 18 GaRetail Price: $3.94
Your Price: $3.49
Surgical Steel Septum Ring Titanium AnodizedSurgical Steel Septum Ring Titanium AnodizedRetail Price: $8.46
Your Price: $7.49
8 Gauge Straight Retainer8 Gauge Straight RetainerRetail Price: $7.90
Your Price: $6.99
Flexible bioplast barbell retainer, 16 gaFlexible bioplast barbell retainer, 16 gaRetail Price: $5.64
Your Price: $4.99
U Shape (For Septum, Nipple, Etc), 10 GaU Shape (For Septum, Nipple, Etc), 10 GaRetail Price: $4.51
Your Price: $3.99
Flexible Bioplast Barbell Retainer, 14 GaFlexible Bioplast Barbell Retainer, 14 GaRetail Price: $6.77
Your Price: $5.99
Steel eyebrow retainer, 14, 16 or 18 gaSteel eyebrow retainer, 14, 16 or 18 gaRetail Price: $4.51
Your Price: $3.99
Septum Or Nipple Retainer, 12, 14, Or 16 GaSeptum Or Nipple Retainer, 12, 14, Or 16 GaRetail Price: $4.51
Your Price: $3.99